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About MyFemCard

Keeping personal health information in general and maternity-related information in particular available at all times makes communicating with physicians more efficient. This enhanced interaction also makes the most of the treatment, which in turn leads to more informed patients, better and personalized care, and fewer mistakes.

Tracking and monitoring a woman’s pregnancy can involve several entities. From the patients themselves, through insurance agencies to physicians, all benefit enormously from MyFemCard’s features and capabilities.

Pregnancy-related information is all stored in single location. This empowers women to know more about their health, providing them with access to a wealth of medical knowledge. They become more aware of what is happening with them at any given point in time, and can better manage their pregnancy and health. Customized information according to their specific needs also enables them to ask more questions and make decisions accordingly. By tracking doctors’ visits, tests, prescriptions, and more, women give top priority to and take charge of their care, better complying with the doctor’s instructions and preventing mishaps.

This ideal method of communication establishes a bond between patient and healthcare professional with virtually no barriers. Women benefit from an easy way of tracking the progress of their pregnancy while the doctor provides better care to each individual patient.

With My FemCard, a woman’s pregnancy history and all other medical information is available anytime, anywhere.

MyFemCard caters to the entire community of healthcare service providers, from doctors through clinics and hospitals to payers. It provides HCSPs with access to updated patient information, cutting-edge analytical tools, and enables them to improve their productivity while increasing customer satisfaction. Moreover, the solution can be customized to the needs of any organization, including branding, further allowing HCSPs to attract more customers.

MyFemCard promotes better communication between doctor and patient. By having all patient data stored in a single location – including, for example, tests results, opinions from other specialists, and previous patient history – they obtain a comprehensive view of the patient’s condition, which helps them make better decisions.

This unique bond and uninterrupted communication makes patients more active in their treatment, improving the results. At the same time, it frees doctors from the limitations of personal appointments and improves their efficiency. If the doctor has an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in the clinic, MyFemCard can easily integrate into any solution for the bidirectional transfer of data. If an EMR is not available, the application enables them to monitor the visit in MyFemCard itself, and they can save and/or print the report of the visit in PDF format, always keeping a record of it.

The information is protected and accessible only with the user name and password of the card holder (the patient). After the patient access the service, the doctor or HCSP is prompted to enter their own name and credentials, which protects them from any malpractice issue. Only when they approve the information it becomes part of the electronic record. Moreover, the data is clearly segmented in a way that it is very easy to distinguish between the details entered by the doctor and those entered by the patient.

MyFemCard provides insurance companies with the tools they need to ensure their customers are healthy, thus saving them costs. At the same time, they can play a more active role in preventive medicine, by providing their clients with the means they need to track and monitor their wellbeing. The return on investment for insurance companies is rapid and substantial, as the use of the technology can lower disease-management costs, medication costs, and other expenses in health-related programs.

MyFemCard can be branded to suit the needs of any insurance company or related organization.

HCSPs benefit from the MyFemCard PHR as it enables them to obtain all the information about a patient easily and, at any time. This avoids duplication of tests and return visits, improves access to data, enhances communications and the relationship with patients, helps with preventive care, and enables them to comply with regulations that require providing medical information digitally.