MyFemCard Application


The MyFemCard application features an advanced, user-friendly GUI with two main views – the patient’s (card owner) view, and the doctor’s (HCSP) view. Each of these was designed specifically to adapt to the needs and preferences of these users. Additional views can be added and/or personalized upon request.

The application is multilanguage, and the transition between languages is easy and intuitive. MyFemCard is operating-system independent and can easily be upgraded by downloading updates directly from the card itself. Users can also share information and obtain updates about new services.

The application stores the following types of data (additional categories can be added as needed):

  • Personal information – name, date of birth, contact information, etc.
  • Security information
  • Basic medical information – general medical data like family history or blood type
  • Ongoing medical information – doctors’ visits, tests, treatments., and more
  • Emergency information that the patient wants to be known in case of urgencies

To simplify usability, only the card owner can access the application. Other users (doctors, clinics’ personnel) will use the card holder’s user name and will identify themselves upon login. . This is an extremely important feature in terms of privacy and security.