Ask Medic Ltd., is a young dynamic company that provides unique solutions for the growing Personal Health Records (PHR) market. Established in 2010, Ask Medic offers ready-made PHR solutions and services that can be tailored to the requirements of each customer.

As the necessity to better manage patient care increases, so does the requirement for electronic health records that can safely be stored in digital media. Ask Medic empowers patients to manage health-related data differently, thus changing the way information is perceived and used.

As in any other market sector, Healthcare Service Providers (HCSPs) look for more and better ways to lower healthcare costs, increase productivity, improve customer experience, and enhance processes. At the same time, healthcare consumers want to have more access to information and manage more closely their own health, diseases and health plans.

Ask Medic combines these two needs to provide comprehensive solutions and services that promote health and wellness. It puts at the disposal of patients a wealth of health-related data, empowers them to take control of their health and diseases, and motivates them to be more involved in their treatment. At the same time, Ask Medic provides HCSPs with tools that ensure better care and more services, reduce claims, and shift to a more immediate mode of communication with patients, which in turn increases their satisfaction. The benefits are evident:

  • Patient empowerment – consumers have access to and have ownership of their health-related information
  • Standalone applications – do not require network or additional software
  • Faster access to treatment records and healthcare information
  • Easy integration between multiple healthcare providers
  • Medical information is fully protected and secured; patients are in charge of their data security

Believing that a solution that holds all women-pregnancy-related data in a simple flashcard is the best approach for today’s need for instant care and increased patient satisfaction, Ask Medic developed MyFemCard, which focuses on the gynecology and obstetrics world.

Ask Medic’s solutions and services ensure that health information is always available, up to date, and easily managed. In compliance with industry standards, Ask Medic is revolutionizing the way health data is shared, analyzed, transformed and used.