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MyFemCard (MFC) is a Personal Healthcare Record (PHR) solution for gynecology and pregnancy monitoring and tracking. Driven by today’s need to return ownership of medical information back to the patient, MyFemCard is an easy-to-use application that resides on an innovative credit-card slim-size flashcard. With it, women can easily manage their medical history and track the progress of their pregnancy and baby care, obtaining optimum control over their medical information, before, during and after pregnancy, and (in future versions) also neonatal care.

Managing pregnancy involves a variety of aspects, such as visits to doctors, tests, procedures and other health treatments. By putting women in control of their maternity-related electronic documentation, they are better informed and involved in their pregnancy care, and have access to a virtually limitless amount of information.

Ask Medic’s MyFemCard is a simple yet resilient solution that is proving indispensable in today’s healthcare environment. It has two main users: the card’s owner (the patient or healthcare consumer) and the Health Care Service Provider (HCSP) (doctors, nurses, institutes, etc.). With two distinct views specifically adapted to the needs of each, MyFemCard is unique in that it integrates, in a single application and at all times, the information needed by both. In short, MyFemCard empowers women to take control of their pregnancy and condition of their health; at the same time, physicians obtain a 360-degree view of a patient’s condition and can provide better care.

Among many others, the solution tracks and monitors:

  • Doctor’s consultation and/or visit
  • Medical tests, including blood tests, blood pressure, urinalysis, and more
  • Visits to the clinic and/or to the emergency room
  • Prescriptions and medications
  • Genetic test results
  • Hospitalizations
  • Birth admission

Designed with a user-friendly graphic interface, MyFemCard enables pregnant women to access a wealth of maternity-related information that is at the tip of their fingers. The solution was developed such that only the card’s owner – the pregnant woman – can log into the security-protected system. This not only enables them to manage data, but in fact manage all health-related actions (appointments, tests, test results, and more), empowering them to take full responsibility over their health. Since the data is stored in the card, it is always available for any query and/or consultation.

MyFemCard is also indispensable in emergency situations. By having all the medical history of a patient in a single location and always up to date, healthcare professionals can better evaluate, make decisions and treat them in case of emergency. Having immediate access to life-threatening information, lab results, abnormal values, and other emergency-related information can make a great difference in the quality of care provided.

Adapted to the needs of each user, MyFemCard also features a calendar for monitoring medical tests and visits to the doctor’s office, as well as tools for monitoring fetal growth stages based on the progress of the pregnancy. Additional information such as diet tips during pregnancy, articles, and visual tools to present results in graphic format are part of the solution, enriching the user’s experience and increasing customer satisfaction. MyFemCard also sends emails with reminders or other notifications.